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07:43pm 10/12/2008
.....they're gone.

They're gone.

My family from the other dimension.

mood: sadsad
music: Nightwish- Nemo
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12:55pm 11/10/2008

I don't know where I am....

All I know is that I'm with Faustus...

And we're running from ShadowClan.

It's cold.
mood: scaredscared
music: The Sound of My Heart Pounding and The Yowling of Cats....
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05:17pm 30/07/2008


Oh god, I'm insane.



The pain....

Being torn up from the inside out....

It's driven me insane.


Holy shit I am freaking insane.
location: Some room.
mood: Goddamn insaneGoddamn insane
music: Through the Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce
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07:55pm 29/07/2008
Ego iam iacio hic , occulto in meus own cruor..... volens.... exspecto.... pro nex.....


I'm dying.........

I want to die..........

It hurts.....
location: Other realm
mood: Extreme painExtreme pain
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04:37pm 10/07/2008

Yesterday was...

Very odd, at best.

And a bit sad.

To start off things, after Melaina came to Vespera discuss her feelings for the black and silver haired girl, things got out of control and it ended in Vespera crying her heart out and Melaina going and getting drunk. Needless to say, Sissi - who is a slightly organic supercomputer who came back form the dead, I'll explain eventually - got extremely angry and gave off this incredible speech like thing and managed to help out Melaina. Merii and Suicune came to help as well.

Two days, and a sobered up Melaina later, they set off to find Vespera. I was in the garden, looking for the said girl when I saw Melaina come in alone. I grew angry for a moment, but I saw the sincerity in Melaina's eyes, and I knew she really wanted to apologize.

The only problem?

We had to find Vespera.

One hour of hard searching later, we STILL didn't find her. Then, I came up with a good - and terrifying - thought. What if she had headed for the Time-Space Towers? She loved that place...

And yet it is the ideal place for the perfect suicide. 

So, we ran all the way there, grabbed a chime off the record wall, and began the long....long....long...long climb up to the top. And, there she was, sitting by the generator, a sad look on her face. We got the chime to play, and Melaina gave this incredible speech to Vespera - who I had to hold down - and said girl began to cry, and she forgave Melaina for causing her grief.

But, then came the extremely hard, not to mention dangerous part.

She had to go face-to-face with Darkrai.

All alone.

Vespera was a ways from the scene, on the swing. Darkrai vented for a minute for two, before asking several questions, and then, after the longest time, forgiving her.

But no before threatening to kill her if she ever did something like that again. 

.........even though it was the new moon, that's not in his character.

So, after Ryan, Vespera, Latias, Melaina and Suicune left, I decided to stick around for a few minutes. Then, Darkrai beckoned me to a deeper section of the garden.

Then...he told me something.

Appearently Vespera's not an only child anymore.

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure my scream of shock echoed off the whole town. 

After that, he said I could go, so I picked up my skirts and went into town. I took a seat at a cafe called Lumen in Gelu Tempestas - my journal name, ironically - and waited. And, the trio - Suicune, Vespera and Melaina - came over. I waved them, and we sat down and shared several drinks. 

Then, I got a message from Darkrai.

'Go ahead and tell Vespera. Ryan just found out.'

So I did.

And she had a happy 'freak out'. But, after downing almost three glasses of water, she finally muttered under her breath, 'I can't help but have a bad feeling about this..'

I have the same feeling.

Anyways, today...

Even odder than yesterday.

So, it turns out some little kid named Violet came into the garden. 

And she actually KNEW who Darkrai was!

Without seeing him in his real form!

Yeah, it turns out, he was pretty sick this morning. Thankfully for all of us, Ryan gave him this vial of glowing green liquid - which he downed in one go - and he stopped throwing up.


Anyways, that Violet kid is here to stay. Appearently she lives here in Alamos...

Things are getting odder and odder by the day.

And angstier too.


location: Alamos Gardens
mood: oddodd
music: The Oracion- Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai
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12:14am 09/07/2008
My name is Dezember.

I am leaving my home tomorrow.

Well, actually, my home is shared with almost ten other people...and the technology is kinda puzzling me. I couldn't even work out the shower today. Yes, before you start looking at me funny, I'm from the past. I'm a princess.

I should be dead.

But I'm not.

Vespera, my reborn soul, gave me a solid body. So, I live on in an age I don't belong in. My family's death aniversery is coming up soon. And I found out that I have mild Psychic powers. I nearly lost it a few days ago, so what will happen when my family's death aniversery rolls around?

I can hurt someone.

I can't risk it. 

About some of the people I live with:

Merii - A dear friend. She's very strong...she just gave birth to three babies a few days ago.

Melaina - Merii's evil side who has been trapped to this dimension. She is apperently in love with Vespera. I'll explain in a few minutes.

Ryan- The God of the Pokemon race. He is very wise, powerful, and, above that, kind.

Latias -Ryan's mate. She's REALLY good at taking care of babies if the time need be.

The Babies - The most adorable things I have ever seen. Besides baby pictures of my dead sisters and brother...

Anami - I...can't really describe her well. She's very kind...but her past disturbs me. 

Jayden - One of Merii's mates. A nice guy...

Luke - One of Merii's mates. He's into zen...I like that.

Suicune - Apperently, Merii is her vessel. She can purify lakes with a single touch....that is amazing.

Vespera - My reborn soul. She's in horrible turmoil...and I'll be accompanying her to the garden she was born in. 

Sissi - She's from another dimension and MIGHT be moving in. She can distort space, travel through time and go through different dimensions. It's amazing.

Goruden - Groudon's son (I don;t know what a Groudon is...). I haven't met him yet, so I don't know how to describe him.

As I was saying eariler...Melaina is in love with Vespera.

Her emotions have gone overboard, and I'm afraid she might accidently hurt someone if she loses control. She thinks the same thing, and she wants to go back to Alamos Town, her place she was born at, and sort out her emotion there if her parent, Darkrai.

....He has some bad memories about my clone.

I can only hope he accepts me. 

I will be collecting my tiara and necklace from Merii tonight....I gave them to her so I wouldn't have to see them and be reminded....

By the way, my journal is in a lot of Latin terms. I will give you translations if you wish.


mood: sadsad
music: Vespera's tears
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